Blog of David Song

I write about stuff that are interesting, stuff I can relate to, stuff that are good to know. This subdirectory, /blog/, is only published using StackEdit, and every page (including this index page) is written in Markdown format. This site is hosted on GitHub pages, and you can find the sources of each article in the repository, under /blog/source/.

Engineering Posts

Here I will give a thorough walkthrough of some of the design choices I have made. It is most likely that my findings are the result of a long string of research over many other articles and comment threads. I hope only to gather my findings and raise discussion. I would be more than glad if you challenge me.

Note that these posts will assume basic knowledge of the tools/frameworks used. This means that posts will not substitute for a tutorial, but will instead more about filling in the rationale for the particular way of usage.

Personal Posts

These are posts where the introspective me will take a more self-reflective tone. These writings will shine light into my personal philosophies and values.

I have an old personal blog of my writings. They will be slowly transferred here.