Hi! I am a software developer with high standards for best-fitting design, efficient implementation and best styling, and the stubbornness to meet these standards. Eager to try, learn and conquer new things, I have tried out many new tools, like Meteor and Ionic, when it was still in its beta stages. At the same time, I have solid experience in production-ready frameworks like Ruby on Rails. I live to provide support and momentum with teammates, and in turn, work at my best alongside a fun and supportive team.

I am currently exploring machine learning algorithms, and writing full applications with a functional language Clojure. Outside of coding, I am a critical reader of fiction, student of the books of Malcolm Gladwell, and an occasional blogger.


Bachelor of Mathematics

Honors Computer Science

Class of 2018

Notable Courses: Algorithms, Data Structures, Object Oriented Design



Web platform as a bridge between students and real-world projects

ConNextor was a project I co-created which I spent almost a year making. I took it upon myself to keep the frontend aesthetically neat and responsive, as well as to follow conventions in the backend. While mainly responsible for implementing features after meetings, I also worked on setting up a pipeline with Docker to quicken the deployment process. In the last 4 months, I was also in charge of overseeing the server, providing the data our business strategy needs.

Tools: AWS, Docker, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Postgres, Git


Ongoing research on building a dynamic knowledge graph from text

BioNaVist is a research project maintained by University of Waterloo students, and under the guidance of Professor Steve Guran of University of California, Berkeley. From the mined data, I improve the relation extraction algorithm using tools like clustering and machine learning. I am also responsible for making the infrastructure and backend for the web application.

Tools: NLP, Apache Spark, D3, Scala, NodeJS

Ice Sliders

A redesign of strategy game with multiplayer for Hack the North 2015

A project done with a team of 5 under 36 hours, we combined the variety of strengths in our team, ranging from music composition, design, mathematical algorithms, frontend and backend development.

Tools: SocketIO, HTML5/Canvas, NodeJS, C


A digital photo frame for DemantiaHack 2015

A chance for two developers to be introduced to mobile development through the Hybrid framework Ionic. We finished our application with a multitude of features like social media integration while simple to use for Demantia patients.

Tools: Ionic, AngularJS


Titan Technologies

Small team that worked on Shipmatica, a consumer product shipping proxy

Within 3 weeks and with only JavaScript, designed and built an interactive online tool for mapping warehouses with integration to check inventory. Built a Java client-side handler for automatic shipping label purchasing and printing, and integrated with core application.

Tools: HTML5/Canvas, Postgres, Ant, JavaScript, Java